Advanced Full Body Massage

4D L-Track mechanism covers more of the body than any other massage chair.

Advance Full Body Massage

4D L-Track mechanism covers more of the body than any other massage chair.


 Kumo provides heated, deep-tissue massage improving the body’s life energy or Qi (pronounced “Key” in Japanese). 

We've Got Your Back

3 year in-home service warranty.

Parts and labor.

Energy Savings

Kumo massage chair 200 Watts = 3¢ per hr

Rice cooker 627 Watts = 7.5¢ per hr


Simple Fluent Touch Screen

Adding only what’s needed and removing the rest is a traditional Japanese design approach and is the inspiration for the simplified interface that controls the Kumo massage chair. With a tap on the seven inch touch screen control panel you can switch between English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Kumo’s easy-to-use wired-touch pad controls the chair’s massage functions, allows for saved custom massages, and even displays what features your current massage is using.


Fast. Precise. Responsive.

Who’s likes to wait? Not Jpmedics. Kumo is equipped with the high-performance A.R.M. microprocessor. This combined with sensors built into the massage chair cause it to respond quickly and accurately, and adjust intensity levels in real time at the specific spot and desired strength and intensity.


Moodlights. Music. Massage.

Kumo features patterned chromotherapy LED light therapy in seven modes to uplift your mood, increase your metabolism, and promote detoxification. Surround sound Bluetooth speakers easily connect to your smart phone or other smart device, for music therapy and added relaxation.



Color For Any Room

Complement your home’s interior with one of the five Kumo color combinations.

Automatic Leg Length Detection

Smart sensors in leg-rest automatically knows your leg length and adjusts accordingly.  No manual adjustment footrest.  Get a foot massage faster.


Customize it & Memorize it

With 12 auto massage programs and 500 customizable options, a personalized massage is a tap away. Create a personalized massage by specifying your muscle tension areas, such as the spine and waist, and chose which massage technique you prefer. You are able to save up to three custom massages.


Advanced Back Scanning Sensor

With sensors inside the rollers and state of the art computing technology, the Kumo automatically detects the size, shape and curves of your body to create an accurate and precise massage experience customized for your specific body type. 


Smart Dial

On the armrest of the Kumo there is a master control that allows you to conveniently control the intensity of your massage program without disrupting your massage experience.



Made in Japan

Jpmedics is a Japan-based health and wellness brand.


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